International Conference on Management
Science and Engineering Management
The 13th ICMSEM Held in August 5- 8, 2019, in Ontario, Canada
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ICMSEM Held in August 5- 8, 2019, in Ontario, Canada

     The 13th International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management (ICMSEM), organized by International Society of Management Science and Engineering Management (ISMSEM) and co-organized by Brock University and Sichuan University, was held at the Ontario, Canada, from Aug. 5 to Aug. 8, 2019.

Opening Ceremony and Award

The Associate dean of Mathematics and Science at Brock University, Prof. cheryl hosted the opening ceremony of the 13th ICMSEM on Aug. 5, 2019, at 09:00 am. On behalf of the co-organizers, Professor Gervan Fearon, the president and vice-chancellor of Brock University presented the warm welcomes to the university and most sincere wishes for a successful meeting.

The general chair and the president of ISMSEM, Prof. Dr. Dr. Jiuping Xu at Sichuan University, presented the sincere appreciation to the co-organizers for their perfect work, the warm welcome to all conference participants, and a brief introduction to the ICMSEM series.

The 2019 Advancement Prize for MSEM was also awarded during the opening ceremony. The prizes were rigorously selected from the recognized 122 full papers as valid entries from 652 submissions by 20 jury board consisting of USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Iran, Malaysia, Morocco, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, Chile, Argentina, Pakistan, Moldova, Sweden, Azerbaijani, Saudi Arabia. It was observed that some of the submissions have a team of researchers from both developed as well as developing countries.


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    2019 ISMSEM Prize



Title of Paper


Grand Prize

Syed Ejaz Ahmed,

Dursun Aydin, 

Ersin Yılmaz


Nonparametric Regression Estimates based on Imputation Techniques for Right-Censored Data


Runners-up Prize

Shiliang Gao,

Linsong Zhang,

Jingneng Ni

An Approach for Processing the Real-time Monitoring Data of Water Quality and its Application in Water Quality Evaluating


Gheorghe Duca, Maria Nedealcov, Viorica Gladchi and Serghei Travin

Climatic Changes and Surface Water Quality on Republic of Moldovas Territory




YoungSu Yun,

Anudari Chuluunsukh,

Mitsuo Gen

Design and Implementation of Sustainable Supply Chain Model with Various Distribution Channels


Asadollah Mahmoudzadeh Vaziri,

Sorab Effati,

Morteza Gachpazan



A New Approach Based on Parametric Linearization Technique for Solving Nonlinear Programming Problems


Hiroyuki Kawabe,

Shuichi Seto,

Hidetaka Nambo,

Yuko Shimomura

Experimental Study on Scanning of Degraded Braille Books for Recognition of Dots by Machine Learning



Keynote Address Presentations

Eight keynote speakers from the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan and Moldova have given the plenary reports on the morning of Aug. 5-6.In view of the understandings on management science and engineering management, thesekeynote speakers stated the frontiers of their research, which triggered a heated discussion among the participants.

Benjamin Lev

“My Experience as   EIC of OMEGA”

Fang Lee Cooke

“Human Resource   Management in a Digital Era: Striking a Balance between Efficiency and Social   Responsible”

Anand N.   Vidyashankar

“The Statistical   Analysis of High Dimensional, Complex, and Streaming Data”

ŸJanusz A.   Kozinski

“Reflecting Megatrends   and Future Skills in Higher Education”

Mitsuo Gen 

“Hybrid   Evolutionary Algorithms with Machine Learning and GPU for Scheduling”

Abdulkadir   Hussein

“Time Series of   Counts: An Overview and Some New Developments”

S. Ejaz Ahmed & F. Ahmed

“Perspectives on   Statistical Machine Learning with Applications

Gheorghe   Duca

Climatic Changes   and Surface Water Quality on Republic of Moldovas Territory

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Parallel Sessions

This conference also included 6 parallel sessions, wherein scholars from Sichuan University and other international institutes contribute their 10-15 minutes presentations. All sessions were well attended with periods of intensive after presentation exchanges, an indication of the scientific interest in the various developments and trends of optimization, data mining and related fields of modern OR in the management science and engineering management sector.

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This conference also held a forum focusing on “The Art of Publishing High Quality Research in MSEM Journals” on Aug. 6.

First, Scientific Journal Report was announced by Prof. Ziqiang Zeng. It focused on management science in engineering to support the Authors to easily identify the most suitable journal; help the Editors to propose ways to improve journal impact and evaluate the journals not only based on impact factor but also developing comprehensive index.

Second, every editor gave a talk about the newest research topic and how to find the welcomed papers.

Third, questions from the audience were discussed by all the editors.    


Conference Proceedings

The conference proceedings were published as a Springer Proceedings Book with ISBN. This proceedings volume includes the full papers of the communications presented at the conference, which underwent a peer refereeing process.


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